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Welcome to NXP Connects 2020 - Opening Keynote

Virtual Production  / AR  / UE4 / Virtuelle Event 

Concept, Design and Production
Virtual production studio

| NXP Semiconductors
| NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH
| Solidsense

NXP is a leading semi-conductor manufacturer, a global tech company that offers a wide range of solutions for an increasingly digital world.
Like many others, NXP were faced with the challenges of 2020 where cancelled events and travel restrictions called for new channels of communication.

In response, Nsynk designed two online management keynotes leveraging the power of mixed reality virtual production. Unboxing NXP Live 2021 and NXP Connects were shot and produced at our Hyperbowl studio in Munich. Generating a high degree of visual consistency and recognition value, both events were staged in the same custom-created digital showroom.

Hosted by CEO Kurt Sieverts and CTO Lars Reger, the 2020 NXP Connects was all about coming together and connecting the company's employees, partners and industry leaders, despite having to cancel the physical event.

The speakers navigated a large-scale digital showroom with changing environments and backdrops we specifically designed for the 40-minute keynote session. In this virtual space, they addressed topics like the NXP's new ultra-wideband capabilities and electrification.

Using high-quality AR assets the presenters were able to illustrate the benefits of their solutions and discuss these in seamlessly integrated video calls.

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